4.2 out of 5 stars.
Professional heist man Neil Quailand takes down scores, that's what he does best. For 7 years, every job he's done has been clean, profitable and without a trail.... and for 7 years, Detective Albert Kowalski has been one step behind. As Quailand zeroes in on the biggest score of his life - a bank vault with an excess of 9 million pounds in cash - Kowalski knows this is the last chance to get his man. Only one man will walk away on top... cop or villain, in the HEIST.
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Brian D
April 12, 2021
Just plain bad
Graphics are OK, however, hitting any 1 of the 3 bonuses is like a needle in a haystack, rare and far between, You will deposit at least $500 before even winning $100. ITs tight and its low pay. ER few betsoft slots even worth it.
Rival Betsoft Saucify Arrow's Edge Felix

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